Friday, November 30, 2007

Is Anyone Looking For Johnny Doe?

We don't know his real name... but the police have been calling him "Johnny Doe."
We don't know how old he is... but experts guess he is about three years old.
We don't know what ethnic background he is from... but we're told he may be Hispanic or Asian.
All we know about the little boy is that more than two years ago, his tiny body was found stuffed in a laundry bag, lying at the side of the road in Naperville, IL... a town I used to live in, about an hour away from where I live now.
The most haunting thing about this little boy is that, even now, nobody knows who he is. His description and dental records do not match those of any known missing children. Amazingly, from his dental records, archaeologists have been able to figure out that the boy did live somewhere in Northern Illinois, probably even in Naperville... but nobody in Naperville, or anywhere in the surrounding communities, recognizes the child in the composite drawings that have appeared in newspapers and on TV.
Experts have not been able to determine exactly how Johnny Doe died. It could have been a natural death, it could have been an accident, it could have been child abuse, it could have been a murder done by a stranger who abducted him. But the bigger mystery is, why doesn't anyone know this child? Why isn't anyone looking for him? How did this boy live to be at least three years old, without at least having come across teachers, neighbors, relatives, babysitters, anyone, who could step forward and help solve this mystery?
This past October, he was buried. Police decided they could put him to rest, because they'd gotten all the information they could get from his body. He was buried in the baby section of a local cemetery, in a plot donated by a couple whose young nephew had recently died in a car accident. The couple lamented that, when their nephew died, his funeral was attended by tons of family members, friends, and acquaintances. Two hundred people attended Johnny Doe's funeral, but all two hundred were people the little boy had never met while he was alive.
Johnny Doe has also been known as "Little Boy Blue", because of the new blue shirt and blue pants he was wearing when he was found, and the blue laundry bag he was found in.
Somewhere, somebody must have loved Johnny Doe. For whatever reason, that person is afraid to come forward... but I hope they know that he touched the lives of many people... and that he is finally at peace.

(Clay 3D composite of what Johnny Doe may have looked like.)

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