Saturday, November 24, 2007

How Do You Feel About Celebrity Adoptions?

There's still a few days left of National Adoption Awareness Month! One thing that has brought some extra adoption awareness to the USA lately is the many celebrities who have adopted children!
Different people have different feelings about celebrity adoptions. Some people wonder if celebrities are doing it for the wrong reasons... to get more attention, for example, or to use children as a sort of accessory, the way some people carry around those little white dogs in bags as more of accessories than real pets. Others wonder why so many celebrities choose to adopt children from other countries, apparently ignoring the many USA children awaiting adoption. And others are suspicious of different celebrities' methods of adopting children... several celebrities have been accused of basically buying children or tricking desperate parents into signing away their children. Some people note that celebrities seem to have an alarmingly easy time adopting children. For instance, when Madonna recently adopted a child, she apparently asked "her people" to identify twelve one-year-old children who needed to be adopted, and then she just chose one of those children. This can give people the idea that overseas adoptions are as quick and easy as going to the mall to pick out an outfit.
On the other hand, some people applaud anyone who chooses to adopt a child who needs a family, and it is pointed out that celebrity adoptions bring the general public's attention to the fact that so many children in the world do need homes. And, a child from another country, who gets adopted by a celebrity, will probably have more chances to stay connected with his culture of origin, as celebrities can definitely afford to travel to the child's home country for visits, enroll the child in special classes to learn the language of that country, etc.
So, how do you feel about it? Are celebrity adoptions good, bad, or just a non-issue?

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val said...

We are adoptive parents of a wonderful 4 yo boy w/mild SNs, but with the love and support of our entire family, you would never know. He was adopted domestically, but is was far from easy. We are currently working on adopting a 10 mos old boy w/minor SNs from another country, and a potential SNs infant from the USA due in 2/08. Both are going to be a leap of faith, and we are at the moment unable to choose one child over another. It our hearts we know that we should parent both children.

I can tell you the road is arduous, and we have been riding it for 6 years. We have had failed adoptions, miscarriages, and have been scammed out of tons of money by potential birthmoms, and unethical agencies. Make that approx. $50,000 when all was said and done. We are currently working very hard on adopting these 2 little ones, and are having to apply for grants to help these children. The one international adoption has been in the works since 1/07, and we just received our referral now.

The state of the US foster care system is in desperate need of repair, and until then, Americans will continue to adopt internationally, or privately. The international process is filled with red tape and hoops, but it is all worth it in the end.

We are currently looking for donations that can be made through our agency. If anyone is interested in making a donation, the total fees for both of these adoptions are $46,400. Our agency is a 501 3C, and would be tax deductible. You cannot just state it is for our adoption, but can request it be put toward it. Our agency also does alot of humanitarian aid, and does create grants for those of us who need them, and military families. However, with the economy, us families are trying to help each other raise donations.

This is in no way a scam, and I would be happy to provide agency info. However, due to the publice nature of this blog, I would ask for anyone willing to make a donation to email me @