Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Good News For THis Blog!

Hi everyone! I am full of good news about this blog today! I wanted to share it all with you, my wonderful readers!

1. This blog now has a Page Rank of 3! (Up from 0, which it was last month!) Thats why you've been seeing more Commercial Breaks lately. Each Commercial Break is a sponsored post, and I get paid to write it! As a blog's PR increases, the blog gets offers of more, and higher paying, sponsored post opportunities. The good thing about this for our blog here is that we donate half of the proceeds to a different children's organization each month. (The other half goes into my savings account... I am saving up to get an apartment or a house!)And this brings us to our second piece of good news...

2. Several months ago, in a Thursday Thirteen list, I talked about a lot of my hopes and dreams for the future of this blog. One of them was that we'd be able to use the proceeds from this blog to sponsor a child through a child sponsorship program. Well, because of our increased PR, I can now afford to do that... and still make a contribution to a different children's organization each month! Starting in December, this blog will be the proud sponsor of a child. I will probably go through Childrens International, as they are one of the few sponsorship organizations out there that does not convert every child to Christianity as part of their program. To me, religion is a very important and personal thing, and if a child has lost his or her parents and other family members, keeping his or her own religion is something that honors the parents' memory and the child's connection to his family. Children's International also allows sponsors to correspond with and even visit the children, which some other organizations don't. And, the monthly sponsorship fee is fairly lower than most others. (However, if you have opinions or information about this organization that is different from what I've said here, please let me know!) (A*Update: I'm going to be browsing through other sponsorship programs too... I spoke to someone who sponsored a child through there and they said the children never read the letters you send, and send you back form letters they copy in their own handwriting, so.... Hmm.)

3. I've created a kids' version of this blog, called Angel's Blog In The Treehouse. This blog will have kid-and-teen-friendly entries that are related to the main entries (for instance, today is World Hello Day, and kids can go to the blog to learn how to say "hello" in 12 different languages) but will be less wordy than the main blog. Let me know what you think of it!

4. I feel like I've gotten to know many different bloggers through their blogs, but most readers probably haven't been able to get to know me particularly well, because my blog is about children's issues and not really about my issues. So I've decided its time for me to air my issues to the world! I am going to start a second blog (well... third blog, if you include the treehouse one...) which will be more about my always exciting, never boring life. (Ha-ha.) I will be building it within the next few days.

OKAY! That's all the news I have for today! Back to work, people, back to work!


Dolores Kitchin said...

I work at Children International, and I welcome you to our sponsorship family! I am so
excited that you have chosen Children International as your charity of choice. We are very serious about our responsibility to our sponsors and sponsored children alike. We value transparency as an organization.

You are correct that we are not religiously-affiliated since our only mission is to help children living in dire poverty. More than one-billion children around the world live in poverty. The best way to tackle poverty is by helping one child at a time.

Welcome to the Children International family!

mom2amara said...

Congratulations Nicki!! You should be very proud of the work you are doing!!