Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Does Your Employer Offer Adoption Benefits?

These days, many families consist of two parents who work full-time, or a single working parent working to support the kids! Adoptive families are no different… so doesn’t it make sense that, if a person is in the process of adopting a child, they should be eligible for the same benefits from their employer as a person expecting to give birth to a child?
Fortunately, more and more employers are offering adoption benefits. If you are getting ready to adopt, you should be eligible for a time of paid leave, which may be between one and six weeks long. Maternity leave was designed to let a mother care for her newborn baby for the first weeks of the baby’s life… but even if you are adopting a child who is older, it is important to have that time to bond as a family with the new child in your life! You may also be eligible for additional unpaid leave, which would mean that after your paid leave time is up, you could choose to stay home longer with your child. Although you would not be paid for that time, your employer would hold your job for you until your unpaid leave time was over.
You may even be able to get financial assistance from your employer, to help with the cost of adoption! Financial assistance is usually between $500 and $20,000, with the larger amounts used to help parents adopting children with special needs that will require expensive medical treatments, therapy, etc.
The Dave Thomas Adoption-Friendly Workplace program offers a list of the USA’s best adoption-friendly employers. You can view that list here. Did your employer make the cut?
If not, you may want to order the organization's brochure, ">Convincing Your Employer, which can help you propose to your employer that an adoption benefits plan be started.

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