Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Commercial Break: You Know You Need This On Your Blog!

The following is a sponsored post. Please visit our sponsor's site to thank them for allowing us to make more contributions to children's organizations!
But seriously, this is a very cool site.
Now that I have my new personal blog (http://adhdangel.blogspot.com) I've been looking for some cool widgets to stick in the side bar... and I just found a whole site full of Blog Stuff!!
There are lots of goofy quizzes, first of all... like "How Much Booze Would It Take To Kill You," and "How Much Is Your Dead Body Worth," and of course, "How Addicted To Blogging Are You?"
You can also create "bumper stickers" to stick on your blog. And you can nominate all of your friends for different blogger awards! You can also find out what your blog is rated, take the Blogger Spelling Test, and learn who died on your birthday.
I'm going to go stick a few of these little things on my new blog, right now! Go see!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Haha, these are cute!

And, it would take 17 of my favorite drink to kill me. I'm not sure I could even stomach that many!