Friday, November 9, 2007

Commercial Break: World's Most Comfy Beds!

The following is a sponsored post. Enjoy!
Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love to sleep. Sleep is something I take very seriously, and I refuse to go without it. For instance, I would never stay out late at a friend's house or something, if I knew I had to be up early for school or work in the morning. I relish my sleep! I enjoy sleeping in my sleeping bag on top of my bed, just because its so cozy, and I treasure my feather-pillows! I sleep surrounded by pillows, soft blankets, and stuffed animals, often accompanied by aromatherapy and/or my favorite music.
But one thing I do not have is a decent mattress. I am sleeping on my brother's bed from when we were kids. My parents, for some reason, always chose to buy us super-firm, super-discount mattresses. I toss and turn a lot at night because of my uncomfortable mattress. There is something I am really dreaming of having: a Tempurpedic mattress!
You know what a Tempurpedic is, right? Its made from the memory-foam material developed by NASA. You may have seen the commercials where someone puts a wine glass on the mattress, and then jumps on the bed, and the wine glass stays put. That's because the Tempurpedic just molds perfectly around your body. When you roll around, the memory foam moves with you! To me, it sounds just like sleeping on a cloud!
I may even be able to afford a mattress like this from Angelbeds. (I even love the name, don't you?) Angelbeds are nearly identical to other Tempurpedic mattresses, but they're also thousands of dollars cheaper! I think I really may be able to afford one! I can't wait...

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bruce said...

Has anyone tried one of those 'memory foam' mattresses? I've been looking around at beds for a while now trying to decide which one is for me and I'm really intrigued as to what people make of those mattresses which adapt to your shape. Also, is there a particular combination of bed and mattress which works best?