Friday, November 23, 2007

Commercial Break: St. Augustine Artwalk

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One thing that attracts me to a city or town is its appreciation of the arts. A town that has a good art museum, nice art galleries, unique sculptures and artwork throughout the town, and arts programs in its schools, is the sort of town I would love to live in, or at least visit!
One city that is a great example of a place that loves art is St Augistine, Florida. This beautiful city has many art galleries. Their First Friday Weekend Artwalk allows residents of the city, as well as tourists, to bask in the city's art!
During the St. Augustine Artwalk, the city's art galleries display the latest exhibits from local artists, along with music, entertainment and refreshments. Art lovers can walk from gallery to gallery, or they can make use of the free trains and trolleys that can shuttle them to where they want to go!
Some of the featured local artists along the walk include Beau Redmond, Jean Troemel, Trip Harrison and Ray Brilli. You can visit their websites to preview some of the beautiful and unique work that can be seen up close at the Art Walk!
There is nothing better than a city that loves art! So if you live near St. Augistine, or you're planning a trip to Florida, make sure you check out this awesome monthly event!

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