Friday, November 2, 2007

Commercial Break: Need A Vacation?

Halloween is over, November is here, and where I live in Chicago, I am already feeling the chill in the air! I feel like this would be the perfect time to take a vacation. You know where I've never been before, but where I'd love to go? Hawaii! DO you know that it is now possible to take a very unique vacation in Hawaii? Instead of just staying in a regular hotel along with hundreds of other tourists, you can get into Kauai vacation rentals. Imagine having your own luxury condo on the beach during your vacation!
Something special about the company that rents out these condos is that they are especially committed to keeping the environment of Hawaii pollution-free and culturally undamaged. That means when you stay in one of these condos, you'll be experiencing Hawaii at it's truest!
To learn more, check out this Kauai Travel Blog. There, you can find ideas about What to Do in Kauai

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