Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Commercial Break: I Hope My Boss Gives Out This As A Holiday Gift!

If you've ever looked inside the type of store or catalog where employers purchase holiday gifts for their employees, you may have noticed something... these people pay big bucks for overrated knick-knacks! Sure, that little clacky-ball thing is amusing. And sure, I feel proud to own a pen made out of pure silver! But you know what I'd rather have? This!

Yes, look at that beauty!
Cruiser bicycles are the perfect bikes beause of their comfort, (no more hunching over the handlebars!) and their durable balloon tires. These bikes are also known as beach cruisers because you can actually ride them, with ease, along the beach!
And these bikes can be purchased for less than $100.
I've heard that some employers, who want their employees to be healthy, offer discounts at health clubs. Why not just give them cruiser bikes for Christmas? I know I would be a lot healthier if I had one of these!
I'm not even joking. Boss, if you're reading this... Please get me a beach cruiser!

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