Monday, November 5, 2007

Commercial Break: Have you ever heard of Colloidal Silver?

Years ago my younger brother, who lives in California and doesn’t believe in using traditional western types of medicine, told me about the concept of using colloidal silver… basically, water treated with a colloid of silver particles… for health reasons. According to my brother, silver has powerful antiseptic and antibiotic properties. When taken, it quickly clears your body of any types of infections.
When my brother told me about this, I was interested because I have a lot of health problems and I get tired of swallowing five or six pills a day. According to my brother, taking colloidal silver would strengthen my body so I wouldn’t need all of those other pills… although it is safe to continue using other medications or herbs along with colloid silver!
I never did get around to looking into this concept, though, mostly because I had no idea where to find colloidal silver! But today I came across a website where you can not only buy colloidal silver, but learn more about its history, benefits, how to tell if you are purchasing high quality silver, and more!
Check out this website! Colloidal silver may be something that can help you out!

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