Sunday, November 4, 2007

Commercial Break: Get Away To Maui

Ugh... Today I have to spend the whole day doing stupid things I don't want to do... cleaning my house, and catching up on homework. I have a math test tomorrow that I just know I'm going to flunk if I don't study all day. (I'm an adult student... and math has always been my weak point!)I totally need a vacation. Maybe I'll go to Maui.
My mom is so lucky because she goes to Hawaii all the time... and she always comes back so relaxed and happy and tan. She likes to go snorkeling and she can even bring an underwater camera and take pictures of all the colorful fish she sees! I would love to do that someday!
I was reading about Maui Vacations at this one website I found. They have a Hawaii travel blog to help you plan your next vacation. And they have tons of Hawaiian Beach Rentals for people to choose from!

Maui, take me away!

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