Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Commercial Break: Find an Internet Provider!

These days, having access to the Internet in your home is almost imperative... especially if you have kids or adult students in the house! Anyone trying to get an education in this day and age knows how much time they spend on the Internet... doing research, looking up information about school events, etc. Many schools even post homework and other information on the Internet for students and parents to look up from home. And many college professors use to communicate with students, post grades, post assignments, give dates of upcoming tests, etc.
So. You need the Internet, but you don't want the monthly payments to bleed you dry!
Luckily, there is a site that helps you find the cheapest Internet service provider. On this site you can investigate different providers of Dial-Up Service, DSL, Cable, Satellite, or Wireless Internet access. You can compare Internet service providers, find out their prices and what ammenities they offer, and decide what will work best for your household. There is even a service provider that will let you get the Internet for free!
The site includes a guide to choosing an Internet service provider, giving you hints on what to look for. And the Internet can even save you money! Find out how you can make free phone calls with Skype

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Maddy said...

My pal in the UK wants us to sort out Skype and a webcam - a bit beyond my capabilities at the moment.
Happy Thanksgiving