Monday, November 19, 2007

Commercial Break: Fake Rocks!

The following is a sponsored post. Please thank our sponsor for allowing us to contribute more donations to children's organizations!
Have you ever been driving through a wealthy neighborhood and saw homes with large boulders at the ends of their driveways, engraved with their name and address? Having an engraved boulder is a classy and attractive way to make sure your friends and the pizza delivery guy are able to find your house easily! But it can be a pretty expensive thing to pull off. You have to buy or find a suitable boulder (often weighing about 1,000 pounds)and then move it to where you want it to be, plus you have to have it engraved! What a hassle!
For those of us who don't have the time or money to hunt down giant boulders and have them engraved, there is a second choice that looks as attractive and classy as a real boulder, serves the same purpose, but is easier and way less expensive!
Artificial Rocks Factory makes fake rocks with sddress plaques on them. You can also order one with a simple welcome plaque! The artificial rocks look and feel extremely real, and will fool everyone who doesn't already know the truth.
The boulders come in four different models and three different colors. They have anti-theft eyelocks to keep thieves from running off with your address marker! They make great holiday gifts... and for a limited time, they are available for only $199 (plus shipping!)
When you're hosting gatherings over the holidays, won't you be happy to be able to tell your friends and family members, "My house is the one with the address sign on that nice boulder at the end of the driveway!"
Plus, what a unique holiday gift one of these rocks would make! You could wrap it up, and the unusual shape and size of the package will have your friend or loved one going crazy trying to guess what it is!

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Anonymous said...

Great idea! My mother-in-law is impossible to shop for, but I think one of these fake rocks with an address plaque would be perfect. Thanks for the holiday gift suggestion!

Artificial Rocks Factory