Saturday, November 10, 2007

Commercial Break: Dentemp

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A few years ago, I went to visit my younger brother in California. I traveled down there by Greyhound bus, and stayed for three weeks. It was an awesome time... We climbed mountains, swam in rivers and the ocean, hiked, and had lots of adventures!
About halfway through the trip, my brother and I decided to go to a festival called Reggae On The River. It was really awesome, but the food was so expensive! My brother ended up buying us a box of fresh cherries, which was less expensive than the rest of the food there. (We were sort of broke!) It was delicious, but as I was eating the cherries, I accidentally bit down on a seed, and guess what? I bbroke a filling!
I still had fun, but the horrid pain in my mouth cast a shadow over the rest of the festival, and the rest of my vacation. The pain seemed to be with me day and night! I was taking Tylenol every three or four hours, but the pain still didn't seem to let up! It hurt especially horribly when I chewed food or drank anything cold.
The worst part was, at the end of the three weeks, my brother and I planned to fly back to Chicago together, so I could go home and my brother could visit our family. You know how being in airplanes gives some people headaches and earaches because of the altitude? Well, it made my toothache fifty times worse! I felt like I was going to pass out from the pain! I was stuck on that plane, and there was nothing I could do!
If only I had had Dentemp OS, the temporary dental repair material! It is used to either replace lost fillings, or temporarily cement lost crowns. You can even safely eat after using it! It comes in an easy-to-use plastic vial, and doesn't require any mixing or messes. And, best of all, not only does it temporarily repair your dental work, but it relieves the pain as well!
Next time something like that happens to me, I'll know exactly what to do!

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