Sunday, November 18, 2007

Commercial Break: Compare Dating Sites!

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Online dating sites are becoming more and more popular these days. Back in the "olden days", the only way to meet new people to date was to encounter them at work or school, through mutual friends, or perhaps by picking them up in bars! But as the world seems to get smaller and smaller, people have realized that the Internet can be a great source to find someone special... someone who might otherwise never cross paths with you!
There are lots of different dating sites out there. But how do you decide which one to use? After all, each one is slightly different, and each site will have different people using it! For instance, eHarmony has the goal of matching up people for eventual marriage, and uses a "scientific" matchmaking process to do so, while FriendFinder is more of a lighthearted site where users can invite their friends and expand their "networks" of favorite people. Which one is for you?
Luckily there is a site that helps Singles decide which service they want to use. It compares nine of the top dating sites, with detailed descriptions of each site, and reviews.
If you've thought about trying an online matchmaking service but were too nervous to get started, this site may be a great first step for you!

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