Thursday, October 25, 2007

Trick Or Treat, Smell My Feet, Give Me Something Good To Read!

With Halloween less than a week away, some of us are scurrying to get the candy ready to give out to the eager little costumed rugrats that will show up on our doorstep next Wednesday! So before you go out and buy bags of candy, I wanted to share with you the concept of Books For Treats!
Its a pretty simple concept... instead of giving out candy, you give out books! They don't have to be brand new... that would be pretty expensive! Gently used books are fine!
You'll probably find it easier than you think to acquire books (even though there's only five days left until Halloween!) One way to do this is to send an email out to all of your friends, family members, and co-workers who live in your area and tell them about your plan. Ask them if they have gently used children's books, outgrown by their own kids or grandchildren, that they'd like to donate to you.
If there are any garage sales or yard sales or church rummage sales happening in your area (there still are some, even though its October) hit those! You'll often find children's books for 25 cents or less!
Library book sales are great things to hit, also! Some libraries have sales where they charge a small entry fee just to walk in, and you can walk out with as many books as you can fit in a paper bag.
Thrift stores, used book stores, and those Bargain Books outlet stores can be great places too!
Once you've managed to gather up a lot of books, try to sort them out. You may have baby books, pre-reader books, chapter books appropriate for 2nd-4th graders, longer books appropriate for 5th-7th graders, and teen novels for older kids!
Now, when the little munchkins show up, stick books in their bags!
The actual movement behind Books For Treats is to someday have everyone giving out books instead of candy, in order to prevent cavities and obesity. Personally, I think it would sort of be a bummer if everyone in the USA gave out books instead of candy. One day of sugary excitement isn't going to give children diabetes or cause an uprise in childhood obesity. But I definitely think it would be awesome if every neighborhood had at least one or two houses where they got books instead of candy! Maybe you'll want to be that house!

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