Friday, October 5, 2007

New Charity For the Month!

Hi everyone! Well, its October, and though I'm getting a late start (life has been hectic, what with school, work, and my dog's illness) I wanted to announce a new charity for the month!
Unfortunately, for the month of September we didn't make much money at all... for some reason my sponsored post offers have been VERY low. I am going to work extra hard at getting my page rank up, and I will be donating ten dollars to our September charity anyway.
This month is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and I am hoping to donate to Gigi's Playhouse, which is a Down Syndrome Awareness center near where I live. They offer tons of activities, support groups, and educational opportunities for children and adults with Down Syndrome, and their families. They started with just one center, and have already opened a second center in a different part of the state, so I am hoping that someday they will be able to spread out even more and help families everywhere!
Please keep visiting the blog this month, to help our page rank rise up!

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