Monday, October 29, 2007

Mission Monday: Keep Kids Warm!

Welcome to Mission Monday! I live in Chicago, and the weather is starting to get just a little chilly here. I know that its only a matter of weeks before I'll be bundling up like an Eskimo every time I want to leave the house! When you live in an area with cold winter weather, like I do, its very important to make sure you have a good coat, mittens, hat, maybe a scarf, etc.
But what if you couldn't afford a winter jacket for yourself, or for your kids? Would you have to resort to stuffing your children into last year's too-small jacket, or piling sweaters onto them, or just keeping them inside as much as possible?
Luckily, there's an agency called One Warm Coat that works to provide outerwear for people all over the USA.
If you have an extra, new or gently-used coat around your house, or if you can afford to buy an extra coat, you can click here to find a coat drive in your community. Then all you have to do is go drop off the coat, and be assured that it will get into the hands of a person who needs it!
Children's coats of all sizes are always needed, but if you have an extra grown-up coat, that would be welcome too! Remember, they also accept mittens, hats, scarves, and other forms of outerwear to keep people warm through the winter months. They also accept sweaters and sweatshirts... because on those really cold days, you have to layer up!
(Here's a helpful hint... Steve And Barry's stores often have warm down jackets for less than twenty dollars! If you don't have an extra coat laying around but can afford twenty bucks, consider stopping by Steve And Barry's and picking one up to donate!)
Happy Monday!

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