Thursday, September 20, 2007

To Cut National Debt, Make Single Parents Pay Up!

The fact that our nation is in debt is no big news. And everyone is pretty sure that the citizens are going to end up having to pay this debt, one way or another. But when we're deciding who will help pay this debt, why limit it to adults? Children should have to pay too!
At least thats what the government seems to think now. Starting in October, single parents who recieve child support from their children's noncustodial parent will have to hand over a portion of their child support checks.
The fee is pretty small... at least, right now it is... at at twenty-five dollars a year. Still, it hardly seems fair to ask single parents to give up any of their child support money, especially since many parents recieving child support are already living paycheck to paycheck.
This new program gives individual states a few options on how to collect the $25 annual fee from families. They could pay it themselves instead of passing it onto the families, which some states have opted to do. They could collect it from the parent who is getting the child support check. Or they could charge the noncustodial parent an additional $25, skimming nothing off the top of the actual child support check.
Although the latter option might seem like the fairest, most states would rather get the $25 from the parent who is recieving the child support. The logic behind this is that, in most cases, the reason the state has to get involved at all in handling the child support checks is because the noncustodial parent did not want to pay it. States are afraid that if deadbeat parents don't even want to send child support to their own children, they certainly won't cough up an extra $25 for the government!
What do you think? Is it fair for single parents to pay the $25 annual fee, in order to reduce the national debt?


Raivyn said...

It may be fair, it may be not.. Personally, I think it should be based on the person's income. There are a lot of single parents that are struggling to make a living and I don't think they should have to pay, but then there are a lot who collect the cash and sit on their asses all day because they have so much child support coming in that they don't have to work.. I think that's a load of bull and they should be paying not $25, but more, based on the cash coming in.

Nicki Mann said...

Basing it on a person's income would be a great idea! The same way that some people take advantage of welfare benefits in order to sit around and do nothing, while other people barely make ends meet on the same benefits... the same thing happens with child support. Good point!

Michelle said...

Take a look at the web site. This initiative says that the funding will come from government programs. CHILD SUPPORT IS NOT A GOVERNMENT PROGRAM. If my ex doesn't pay it, the Government doesn't pay it for him. It cannot be taxed, and it cannot be used as an indicator of income. This is flat out wrong. No where on the Whitehouse web site does it say that the money is coming from child support. This is just flat WRONG. It took me several court appearances, attorney's fees, etc. just to get my ex to pay support. This is a slap in the face to my kids. This is a slap in the face to me.

Laura37025 said...

How about they determine child support then add $25 fee to that amount so the single parent isn't losing anything...the deadbeat parent pays!

Anyone interested in joining in our campaign to change this $25 and stop making single parents responsible for EVERYTHING, join us at CafeMom:

We are organizing a letter campaign.

Anonymous said...

25 dollars is really not much to pay compared to lawyer fees , its almost like paying for insurance, i will pay the 25 bux just to make sure that somebody is looking out for us