Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award!

I know today is Wordless Wednesday, and I was really looking forward to posting my Disney World pictures! Unfortunately, I can't get them off my mom's camera. So that'll have to wait until next Wednesday! Instead, I've got something a little different!
Deb over at G's Cottage awarded me with the Thinking Blogger Award! Can you believe that? I've always wanted one of those!
The way it works is, I am supposed to now nominate five more bloggers for the award.
So, let me think carefully about this. (I've tried to select bloggers who I don't think have gotten the award yet, just because, while it is cool to get the award, having to go through and find five MORE people after you've already gotten the award once or twice can probably be aggravating!)

The first award goes to one of the newest bloggers on the block, a 16-year-old anonymous blogger. (Some of us know her as "Callie" from Baggage's blog.) The blog she writes is called I'm Rick James. Callie has a quick wit and a unique outlook on life, and she reminds us all of what it is like to be a teenager! Great blog, kid!

The next award goes to Sunshine Girl On A Rainy Day. I have tagged her for a meme once before, but I will tag her again now, because I really do think she is a "thinking blogger". She's a former foster child who now writes about foster care issues and how kids in foster care could be better served. Lets all listen to what she has to say!

Thirdly, I'd like to award Patricia from Trauma Treatment For Children. Patricia blogs about working with children in treatment programs, using the "restorative approach"... an approach that works to recognize the need that child's behavior is attempting to deal with, and then trying to fulfill that need, instead of coming from a punative standpoint. Very interesting blog... Anyone who works with children should check it out!

Fourthly, I award *C, from One Day, All Children... Through the program Teach For America, *C became a teacher in New York City, working with at-risk fifth graders. Fascinating blog!

Finally, I award United Children Of The World. This blogger has not updated since March, but I still think the blog is definitely worth seeing. It is by a photographer, who posts beautiful pictures of children all over the world, in different situations. Some are smiling, some are starving, some wear American clothing, some wear nothing... but they are all children, beautiful little children. I think this blog helps to accentuate the point I am trying to get across in my blog. So go check it out, and maybe we can encourage the blogger to post more!

Thank you, everyone, thank you! It's been an honor!


G's Cottage said...

Excellent choices.

Danielle said...

I found your blog through Lisa at Sunshine Girl on a Rainy Day. Wow, you have a really great blog!!!!!