Monday, September 3, 2007

Mission Monday: Pajamas And Books!

I can't think of a sweeter Mission Monday than this one! I hope you'll all participate!
Do you have warm memories of bedtimes when you were a child? Or even warmer memories of putting your own children or a special niece or nephew to bed at night? Imagine a crisp fall night, with a child in his warmest, softest pajamas, snuggled under the covers with his favorite bedtime book. Is there anything better than that?
But for a lot of children, in the USA and around the world, a clean and soft pair of pajamas is a luxury they'll never see... and so is a favorite bedtime book... and even a loving parent to tuck them in seems to be too much for some kids to ask for!
We may not be able to provide loving parents for every child who needs one... at least not right away, unfortunately. But one thing every single one of us can do is at least provide the snuggly pajamas and the treasured bedtime books!
The Pajama Program provides needy children... many of them who are in foster care and waiting to be adopted into permanent families,,, with brand new pajamas and books. These tiny luxuries are things that every child deserves to have!
Here's all you have to do. Next time you're at the store, pick up a new pair of child's pajamas... any size you want, since of course children come in all sizes... and/or a new children's book.
You can mail your donations to the Pajama Program at:
The Pajama Program
34 E. 39th Street, Suite B
New York, NY 10016
212 71 MY PJS (212-716-9757)

or you can find out if your area has it's own branch of the Pajama Program, and donate pajamas or books directly to your own local branch.
With fall and winter coming up, its great to think about how many children we can provide pajamas and books for, isn't it?

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mom2amara said...

I remember when I first learned about this program. What a wonderful thing they do!

Is that a picture of you?