Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Library Card Sign-Up Month!

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Want to know one of my favorite places in the world?
The library!
Since I was a baby, the library was one of my favorite places. As I got older, during the years when I was homeless, the library was the first place I looked for whenever I got to a new town. As a teenager I found out that some libraries allowed people from the local homeless shelter to have special library cards... You could only take out three books at a time, but since I went back to the library almost every day, three was enough! At other libraries, I figured out how to make fake rent reciepts so that I could get a library card. Libraries all over the USA have been a source of comfort for me throughout my life!
Thats why I am excited that this month is Library Card Sign Up Month! This is a month in which to try to get every single adult and child in the USA to sign up for or renew their library card. If you know or work with any adults or children who do not have their own library cards, or if you don't have one yet, this month would be a great time to go get one!
What good is a library, anyway?
Here are just a few reasons everyone should own a library card.

1. You know how they say nothing in life is free? Well, this is free! Sure, everyone helps pay for the public libraries through their taxes, but chances are, you're already paying taxes anyway, so why not get in on your share of the library?

2. If you go to school, chances are you're going to need to do a research project. You may be able to do research on the Internet, but the best resources are still found in print! At the library, you can find books on just about any topic you can think of! And if you can't find something at your local library, you can often get it from a library in a neighboring town, using your regular library card!

3. Libraries aren't just limited to books anymore. You can also check out videos and DVD's, music CD's, computer games, and sometimes even toys and puzzles!

4. There's always something going on at the library! Most libraries offer free classes and programs for adults, teens and children. I checked out the website for the Schaumburg Public Library, and found that they have a ton of special programs, for people as young as newborn or as old as 1,000! They have story-times and sing-alongs and arts-and-crafts, puppet shows and comedy shows, fun fairs, game days, and more for kids... special classes and raffles just for teenagers... trips, speakers, classes and discussion groups for adults... and all sorts of clubs, movies and events for people of all ages! Plus, in the summer they have reading programs for people of all ages, in which children and adults try to read a certain amount of books in order to earn prizes.

5. Still not convinved? On the practical side, if you don't own a computer, you can usually use the Internet or other computer programs at the library if you have a library card. Or bring your own laptop and take advantage of their wi-fi!

The library may be one of the most overlooked resources. But why? Some people may think of the library as a boring place to be, and conjure up images of dusty old books and bixpectacled librarians shushing everyone. But really, a library is like a free community center, bursting with things to see and do!

So, this month, grab a kid or two, and head straight to the library!

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g said...

Hey Nicki Mann!

I love libraries too. They do provide some sense of comfort, even the smell of books is comforting, yes? :D

I don't know if you've heard of this site, but it's where I read classics when I don't have time to take a trip:

Thanks for visiting (and your funny comment) on my blog! Enjoy your day! :D