Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Time For A New Charity!

Well, everyone, the month of July is over! With our sponsored posts, we were able to raise $32 for our children's charity. Of that, $16.00 will be sent to the Sullivan family to help pay for veterinarian expenses for Bob the Tortoise, a pet tortoise who was also a therapeutic pet for their little son with autism. Bob was stolen, tortured, and eventually abandoned a few months ago.
Also, $16 will be used to by brand new teddybears, which will be sent to Operation Teddycare, in honor of Hannah, the angelic little girl who drowned a few weeks ago.
And now, we have a brand new children's charity for the month of August... Cheerful Givers! This is an organziation that provides birthday gift bags of toys and other surprises to children who are homeless or living in poverty. Our donations will be used to buy the toys, gift bags, ribbons, wrapping paper, candy, etc, for those bags of cheer!
Remember... the best way to help raise money through this blog is to keep coming back! Click often, comment often, and if you can, order something from one of the Featured Sponsors! This will get our page rank up, allowing more donations to be made!
Have a great August!

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Anonymous said...

Want to say thanks from everyone at Cheerful Givers for including us as your August charity.

Know that the donations you make will truly make a difference in the self-esteem of the children who receive the gifts as well as the parents who are able to recognize their child's birthday. Visit our website for more information at