Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thursday Thirteen!

I can't even remember when the idea to create this blog came to me... but it was long before I actually went about creating it! Then on a whim I decided to create the blog on Since Blogcharm claimed to pay a small amount of money to bloggers (they still haven't coughed up the $20 they owe me, by the way) I had the idea of donating some of the proceeds to children's organizations. I created my mirror blog on when my Blogcharm one shut down, and then realized Blogger worked a lot better for me... and I could also do more sponsored ads on Blogger, generating more donations! This blog has come pretty far in a short amount of time, but I still have a lot of goals for it! These goals may be lofty, but I believe in dreaming big! So here are...

Thirteen Things about MY GOALS FOR THIS BLOG!

1. Have a Google page rank of at least 5.
2. Be able to donate at least $100 a month to different organizations that serve children.
3. Get a lot of comments from readers each day.
4. Have this blog start a dialogue among readers, about various topics relating to children!
5. Be able to inspire others to do things to help children.
6. Be able to legitametely say that, because of this blog, I'm an author who gets paid for writing!!!
7. Be able to pay for my next BlogHer conference with money I earned through this blog (I donate 50% of the proceeds but save up the other 50%!)
8. Have famous people, like Hillary Clinton or Oprah, leave comments on my blog.
9. Create a second blog, geared towards children, where children can read (and write) about the issues that affect children (but in a much milder way... I won't traumatize children by telling them all the gory details of child abuse and huger and stuff!)
10. Include, on that blog, a way for kids to write in and ask for advice about various topics, and be referred to reputable people or organizations that can help them.
11. Make enough money through this blog that we (the community who reads and contributes to this blog) can sponsor at least one child on an ongoing basis, in addition to donating to children's organizations.
12. Participate in the Blogathon each year and raise a ton of money for great organizations!
13. Change the whole world, through the power of the keyboard!

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amaras_mom said...

Those are some lofty goals! But I wish you all the luck and hope to be reading you as your find success!

Peter Plum said...

Those are some great goals-- and they inspire us to keep working hard!

Thanks, and my TT is up!

Natalie said...

Great list of goals. I enjoyed reading them. Happy TT!

Imaginif Child Protection became Serious Business said...

LOve all your goals. Here's a comment to help along your number 3 goal.
All my supportive wishes to you and your passion.