Saturday, August 4, 2007

Smarty Saturday: Silence Broken

I talk a lot about the organization called Childhelp, which has homes and advocacy centers for children who've been victims of child abuse, plus several child abuse prevention programs. They also run the National Child Abuse Hotline, which is a 24/7 hotline for all matters related to child abuse. Children can call if they're being abused or have a friend who is being abused, community members can call to find out how to report abuse or to talk out situations where they're not sure whether something is abuse, and parents can call to get help with finding resources to help them keep their children safe.
Childhelp also has a book, called Silence Broken. It tells the story of Childhelp, beginning with how two young actresses, staying in Japan while doing a series of performances to entertain American troops during the war, rescued 11 orphaned children from a large storm. It turned out that, because the typhoon had left so many children orphaned, orphanages were only helping full-blooded Japanese children... and these eleven children had been fathered by American soldiers so they were unable to stay in the orphanages. The two young actresses not only found an orphanage that would take in the eleven children, but got American soldiers to rally around that orphanage, rebuilding it and supplying it with food, beds and clothing for the children. Later, the young actresses helped evacuate children in Vietnam, also fathered by American soldiers, who would have otherwise been lined up and shot by the Vietcong. Next, the actresses went on to create children's homes and advocacy centers in the USA, specializing in working with children who had been abused.
The book has story after story about children who have been helped by Childhelp, and adults who have been touched by the experience of volunteering with Childhelp. And if you buy this book, the proceeds go to help Childhelp keep on doing their wonderful work!

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