Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Morrocan Boy Reunited With Parents In USA!

In this blog, we read a lot of sad stories about the things that happen to children. But now, for a happier sort of story!
Imagine that, in order to have a chance of giving your family a life of freedom and safety, you had to leave them, and not see them again for an undetermined amount of time.
That's what happened to Abdeloihab Boujrad. A native Morrocan, he was living in Morroco and engaged to his current wife Leila, when in 1997 he won an immigration lottery that allowed him to come to the United States. Abdeloihab jumped at the chance... even though it meant he would have to temporarily leave his fiance behind.
He did get the chance to visit his wife... at least, I assume he did... because in 2004 their son Ahmedyassine was born. Leila had managed to get a visa for herself to go to the United States, but had not yet secured a visa for her baby son. So in 2005, as her visa was about to expire, Leila decided it was a "now or never" situation. She left the baby with her sister, and went to the United States. At the time, Leila assumed it would only be a short while before her sister would be able to send the baby to the USA as well!
But their story turned into a nightmare! Two years passed, and the frantic parents had still not been able to get their child's visa approved.
The reason for the delay may have been because little Ahmedyassine's name was similar to the name of Sheik Ahmed Yassin, founder of the Palestinian Islamic militant group Hamas. However, Ahmedyessine's parents had not previously known who Sheik Ahmed Yassin was. Their child's name was one of their own creation.
This past June, the media reported on the plight of the family, and that helped the appropriate paper work get processed in a hurry.
And so, today, 3-year-old Ahmedyessine finally made it to the USA. His parents had been afraid that the little boy would not realize who they were... After all, the three had never actually been together, although they had kept in touch through the Internet and phone calls.
But apparently, Ahmedyessine knew who they were.
He was asleep when he was carried off the plane. When his parents woke him up, he looked at them, muttered, "I must be dreaming," and went back to sleep. The amused parents awoke him again, and this time Ahmedyessine knew it was real. "I am with you know," he said. "I rode three airplanes to see you!"
Welcome home, little Ahmedyessine!

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