Monday, August 27, 2007

Mission Monday

I am so excited for this week's Mission Monday, because I have a wonderful, and fun, mission to share with you!
In yesterday's post, I wrote about the plight of foster parents who get very little support or even kindness from their agencies or states. Well, here is a way that we can do something to help foster parents and children in foster care!
My Stuff Bags is an organization based in California, but it helps children all over the USA. (Except, for some reason, for Vermont!)
Like we saw in yesterday's post, when children are taken into foster care, they often have very little, or even none, of their own things with them. In some cases, children must be rescued suddenly from a bad situation, and there isn't time to pack things up. Or, children come from situations where they don't have anything. Consider a child living in a home where meth is made and used. In that situation, the caregivers often are too focused on their own drug use, and cannot focus on buying clothes or toys for the children. And if the children do get to bring a few of their own items with them, these items are often hurriedly stuffed in platic garbage bags.
This is where My Stuff Bags comes in. They privide foster care agencies and crisis centers with special duffel bags, "stuffed" with comfort items for children of different ages. Every child recieving a bag will find in it some basic toiletries, a small stuffed animal, a blanket or quilt, a water bottle, a few cloths items such as T-shirts, socks, sweatpants, etc, and some extra items to keep them busy. The bag really becomes a survival kit for the children as they begin their journey through the foster care system.
Your mission is to help My Stuff Bags stuff their bags. The next time you're at the store, pick up one, or a few, items to send to this organization. The items must be able to fit into a 12" by 20" duffel bag, and can be geared towards children of any ages, from infants through teenagers. Here are some suggestions of things you might like to grab:
Stuffed Animals
Coloring Books /Crayons
Small toiletries
Small Photo Albums
School Supplies
Rattles & Pacifiers
Toys for all ages
Journals or diaries
Hand held games
Children love handcrafted items, too!

The other thing you can do is send a soft, cozy blanket or a quilt. You could buy one (I love those soft, stretchy ones they sell at Wal-Mart, and I also love the big fuzzy ones with cartoon characters on them) or, if you know how, you could make one. Even if you don’t know how to make one, there is a kind of blanket that is very easy to make, and the site shows you how to do it.
This is a really simple mission that just involves your picking up a little extra something when you’re already at the store! So please, send these children a little of your love!
(You can send all donations to:
The My Stuff Bags Foundation
5347 Sterling Center Drive
Westlake Village, CA 91361

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melody is slurping life said...

As a former foster mom I can attest to the fact the children come with little or nothing and almost always in a garbage or a plastic shopping bag. I was involved with a local program like this one. Now that we've moved back to where it was, I'm going to look them up. And check into the organization you've blogged.