Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Look! It's A Meme!

Hi everyone! I've been tagged by Gloria from Life's Little Notebook for a meme! The idea is to point out five of my own posts that I think are especially important. So, here are a few of my previous entries which I myself enjoy going back to and reading over again.

1. Miguel Arias-Baca: A Childhood Gone Wrong. Miguel's story touched my life because Miguel's birth mother and I had a mutual friend. Miguel's story is what inspired me to create my Child Abuse Memorial site, and later, this blog.

2. Making A Difference For Kids In Foster Care. I feel that children in foster care are particularly all of our responsibility. These are kids who we need to be collectively working to raise, not casting off. This entry outlines ways that people can help kids in foster care.

3. Abused Women and Children Awareness Month. In this entry, the true story of 8-year-old Jake, a little boy who lived in a home where domestic violence took place, shows us all that, no matter what we think, the children in these families do know what is going on and are affected, sometimes in drastic ways. The entry offers practical ways to help kids, whether they have left their violent families, or are still living in violent families and need to learn to make their own safety plans.

4. A Meth Lab Is Not A Home! This entry shows the way that the lethal drug known as meth is a danger to children, especially those children living in homes where meth is actually used or produced.

5. Mission MOnday: Bears For Hannah! This is a very recent post but I want to point it out yet again, in hopes of reminding more people to take part in this particular mission, which is to send teddybears to Operation Teddy Care, in honor and in memory of little Hannah Davis.

And now, to tag five people... Who will my victims be? I'll try to find some people I've never tagged before. Lets see... how about Mom2Amara, The Open Window, Never Too Late, Sunshine Girl On A Rainy Day, and Founding A Family In Clutter.

Happy meme-ing!


Granny said...

Hi and thanks for your comment. I'll be back later to read more.

Gloria said...

Read them all and I think I'm ready for therapy from emotion overload.

I almost cried at some, was fired up at some, was angry at some...and not necessarily in that order. Sometime I feel all from just one entry. I was motivated enough by some and my "future-to-do" list has grown to double it's usual size.

Thanks for posting this up! And thanks for your passion in helping children!