Friday, August 10, 2007

Little Authors

I love writing, and ever since I was a toddler I wanted to be an author! In fact, when I was in elementary school, my goal was to become the youngest published author ever! I had heard that SE Hinton had published her first book, The Outsiders, when she was sixteen, and I was convinced that I could beat her!
Unfortunately that never happened... partly because whenever I mentioned my goal to the adults in my life, most of them would say, "Kids can't get books published. You have to wait until you grow up!"
Its different for kids now! With the Internet making all sorts of resources available, children can self-publish their own books, or get the attention of "real" publishers! It is also easy for kids to publicize their works of literature online!
I wanted to let you know about a few young authors I've heard about lately!

This Book Is For All Kids, But Especially My Sister Libby. Libby Died. This book was written by a little boy named Jack Simon. (With a little help from his mother!) When Jack was 5, his 3 year old sister died. As his mother helped Jack work through his feelings about Libby's death, she documented his thoughts and ideas into this beautiful book.

Happy About Animals is by Duncan Levy, an 8-year-old boy whose father writes a series of books for adults. Duncan suggested a new line of "Happy About" books for kids, and he wrote the first one already!

How To Go To Visitation Without Throwing Up! is by Joshua Evans, a young boy who has been traveling to visitations with his mother since he was born. He had a hard time with transitioning during these visits, and now he has written a book to help other kids with their difficult transitions!

Journey To Gameland was written by a ten-year-old who loved Harry Potter books! In fact, while he waited for the next Harry Potter book to come out, he wasn't satisfied with just sitting around waiting! Instead, he designed his own board game based on the book... and then wrote his own book teaching other kids how to make board games!

Three books... The Visit, Being Adopted, and I Miss My Foster Parents... were written and illustrated by three children... all siblings who were in foster care and were later adopted.

There are many more out there, too!
So if you know of a child who loves to write, tell her... Of course you can be an author!

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Linnea said...

I, too, dreamed of being a writer and all through my school years wrote poems and short stories to amuse my friends. Published for the first time in my high school yearbook, my debut novel wasn't published until many years later in 2005. It was at tremendous thrill to see my story in print. When I learned my novel had been nominated for a readers choice award and would become part of a provincial high school reading program, I felt as if I'd come full circle. I began writing for students when I was a student and it is students who seem to be my most enthusiastic readers. My greatest treasure is from students who, admitting to a general disinterest in reading, said their enjoyment of reading was rekindled by my story. Little authors can become big authors. Encourage your little ones and your teens to read. Good writers begin by being voracious readers.