Saturday, August 4, 2007

Commercial Break: Project Know

Here's a problem nobody likes to think about: Kids and drugs. I think the reason people tend to want to avoid this subject is because it is a problem that can happen to anyone. People can read about child abuse and think, "Thats not me, I'd never hurt my kid." They can read about hunger and think, "Thank God I have a job and can provide for my children." They can read about violence and think, "I'm glad my family lives in a safe neighborhood." But drugs know no boundaries. Although people used to believe that only kids from the "ghetto" use drugs, we now know that even kids from very financially well-off families are not immune to drug use. In fact, their easy access to money and cars, and their parents' belief that they are safe from drugs, can make it even easier for kids from wealthier families to use drugs.
Addiction also affects children when it occurs in the adults in their families. Kids who grow up watching their parents or other adults abuse drugs or alcohol are likely to think that these practices are acceptable for their own lives.
It is not hard to find help for yourself, your child, or a loved one, when struggling with an addiction. At Project Know, you can find information about all different types of addiction, as well as references to rehab centers.

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