Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Commercial break: Halloween The Movie!

WARNING: This entry contains a trailer to a scary movie!
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I never was one for scary movies. When I was seven years old, my little brother and I seemed to have a lot of unsupervised TV watching time. We once saw the tail end of a horror movie, in which the main character looked into a mirror and saw a ghostly figure staring back at him. The ghost reached out and grabbed the character, dragging him into the mirror! My brother and I screamed in horror, and for months we were afraid to look in mirrors. We told our mom we were afraid of “the man in the mirror.”
”’The Man In The Mirror’ is a song,” my mom argued, not understanding what we meant.
That same year, we happened to catch the movie “Child’s Play” on TV. We started watching it because the main character was a little boy… but then his doll became evil, and terrorized the little boy! After that, my little brother wouldn’t go to bed if his Cabbage Patch doll was in his room. (That movie scared me too, but even it couldn’t turn me against my own beloved Cabbage Patch doll, Netty!)
From then on, I avoided horror movies like the plague. But after I grew up, I discovered the “Halloween” movies, I discovered them a little later than the rest of the world… by the time I saw them, they were being played over and over on cable TV during the week before the actual Halloween holiday. I ate them up! Perhaps it was just the fact that I was in a spooky mood, and the movies (the first one was made in 1978) were tame enough to keep me from peeing in my pants, yet disturbing enough to keep me on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next installment.
The basic plotline of all of the Halloween movies is the idea that in 1963, a 6-year-old boy brutally murdered his parents and older sister, and has been in psychiatric care ever since… until 1978, when he escapes from the psychiatric hospital to go on another murdering rampage. In each progressive Halloween movie, the psycho killer, Michael Myers, reappears on Halloween night to go on yet another murder spree. (Except for Halloween III, which for some reason had nothing to do with Michael Myers at all!) And at the end of every Halloween movie, just when it seems like everything has been settled down, something happens to show that Michael Myers is still at large, and everyone is still in danger.
So, I bet you can guess that I’m excited to hear that Halloween The Movie is coming out this fall. Not just another episode in the Michael Myers sega, this new Halloween the movie is a brand new incarnation of the Michael Myers concept. It is directed by Rob Zombie, and I have heard that not only does it add a new chapter to the Michael Myers sega, but it also delves into the past, showing what happened to Michael Myers to turn a little boy into such a monster in the first place.
I’m really excited… and a little nervous, actually… to see this movie! Just the trailer has already freaked me out! Check it out!

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