Saturday, August 4, 2007

Commercial Break: Coupon Chief

I know, I know, its way too early to start thinking about the winter holidays, right? Wrong! Every year I make the mistake of waiting until my second paycheck comes for the month of December, and then trying to use the whole thing to buy Christmas gifts for everyone in my family, plus a birthday gift for Brandon! I end up exhausted, and flat broke! So this year, I'm going to start thinking about Christmas a little early!
Here is what I think I'll get some of the people in my family!

Brandon and Melissa: They've both been wanting Heelies (those shoes with wheels on the heels!) Zappos has them, and check out these Zappos coupons!

Maggie: When I took Maggie babysitting with me, one of the families had a Green Machine that squirted water, and Maggie absolutely loved it! I wish I could get her one! Maybe I can use one of these KB Toys Coupons!

Hayden: Hayden is only a tiny baby right now, but I've seen some very cool mobiles and nightlights she might like! Maybe I could use a Baby Center Store coupon to get one for her!

Chopper, Judah, Sammy-Joe and Clover: Luckily, their Christmas wishes are pretty simple... but this Petco coupon will help me stock up on bones, treats and toys for them all!

See? I've got half of my Christmas list knocked out already! Thank goodness for Coupon Chief, right?

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