Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen!

As some people might know, I live far below the poverty level. It hasn't helped that I haven't had a job all summer... the job that I THOUGHT I had secured for the summer turned out to be a dud. It was a subbing job for a summer school. They called me a whole bunch of times in May and I worked a lot... but suddenly, they never called me again!
So I've started doing something I haven't done since I was about 15... taking babysitting jobs!
Babysitting is a lot different than it used to be back then though. Instead of $5.00 an hour, I get anywhere from $10 to $18 an hour! Plus I can drive myself to the jobs, so I'm not limited to babysitting for my neighbors and relatives. And I can easily find jobs online, with the help of sites like Craigslist and Sitter City!
I've started bringing Melissa and Maggie along on some of these jobs. And so, for lack of anything better to write about, here are...


1. They are a huge help. For instance, the other night I babysat for a family with a 3-year-old and an infant. The one time when I had babysat them alone, I spent most of the time trying to console the screaming infant, while the 3-year-old watched TV near by. This time, with the girls along, the girls played with the 3-year-old the entire time, freeing me up to hold, feed, and play with the fussy infant!

2. It is a way for me to spend quality time with them, while EARNING money instead of SPENDING it!

3. They get to meet a lot of new people, most of whom completely love them! I think it is great for them to be around healthy, functional people.

4. It gives them a chance to get out of the house!

5. They feel useful because they know they are helping me! They like to tell their friends that they have already started babysitting!

6. Melissa will eventually be old enough to actually start babysitting on her own, and this way she will have some good experience to help her get started!

7. Sometimes the children are similarly aged. For instance, tomorrow we'll be babysitting two girls who are 9 and 6. That gives Melissa and Maggie, who are 10 and 7, a chance to make some new friends!

8. When they have behavior problems, I can remind them that they need to be role models for the younger children they babysit. That seems to work a lot better than just saying, "Knock it off!"

9. Having my "two little helpers" with me sets me apart from other babysitters.

10. They really love animals, especially dogs, and many of the families I babysit for have pets!

11. When the children go to bed, I have the girls around to talk to and we keep each other company, instead of me just sitting around by myself!

12. After babysitting, I usually give the girls each a few dollars... usually $5.00 each... for helping me. Then they have the choice of either saving it for next time, or spending it at the Dollar Store or Wal-Mart the next day! This gives them a chance to earn their own money and learn about the "value of a dollar"... instead of just nagging me or their dad whenever they want a new toy or something.

13. A good time is had by all!

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The Rock Chick said...

This is a fantastic idea!! Not only are the girls helping you, you are definitely helping them. They are learning all kinds of skills that will definitely help them through life and learning what it means to earn, spend and maybe even decide to save their money.

This is exactly what "Take Your Daughters To Work Day" was meant to do!!

Really nice post!!

Happy TT!
Jessica The Rock Chick

Sue said...

Great list, and a really good idea! Best wishes with the babysitting .. :) Happy TT and thanks so much for stopping by!

Tink said...

That's a great idea and it makes everyone happy. Excellent reasons!
Thanks for visiting my full moon TT!

Anonymous said...

Great TT! I am glad you visited me so I could find you.

Ironically as I write this, my two oldest daughters (age 14 and 15) are out on a babysitting job. They have been in demand because they took the Red Cross training and have so much experience since they have 3 little brothers.

I remember babysitting back in the early-mid eighties and I got like $1 an hour. LOL.

Good for you!! My great-grandmother actually got wealthy with babysitting as a career!

Robin said...

Sounds like a winning deal for everyone :).

Gabriela said...

I enojoyed reading this. =)

I don't know much about baby sitting but I agree with you, bringing the girls with you helps.