Saturday, July 28, 2007

Smarty Saturday Book Recommendation: What It Takes To Pull Me Through

What It Takes To Pull Me Through
Hi everyone! This edition of Smarty Saturday is being posted live from the lobby of my hotel at the BlogHer Conference! Cool, huh?
Anyway, the book I read this week is What It Takes To Pull Me Through, by Dave Marcus. This is definitely a must-read for anyone who has teenaged children, or works with teenagers!
The story follows the lives of a group of teenagers as they are admitted to a "therapeutic boarding school", Swift River Academy, a last-stop for troubled teenagers whose lives are spiraling out of control. Among the kids we meet are a seemlingly "perfect" girl from a "perfect" upscale family, who is slowly killing herself with an eating disorder; a young girl brimming with anger and sadness over the death of her mother and subsequent distance of her father; an adopted boy with severe ADHD who wonders why his birth mother made the choices she did and suspects that his adoptive parents are distappointed with him; and a boy raised in the Projects who can't get over his anger and confusion about the night that his mother kicked his father out of the house.
All four of these kids, and the others at the reputable therapeutic boarding school where they land, are heading into danger. They drink, do drugs, have sex with random people, sneak out, ditch school, and won't listen to... or trust... any adult.
Can the staff at Swift River save these kids from themselves?
This book isn't a tribute to Swift River. It doesn't try to pretend that Swift River is the perfect place, the answer to every parent's problems. Instead, it is a tribute to these kids, their families, and the hard work that each one of them did at Swift River in order to save themselves and their families.
This book is one you should definitely check out!

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