Monday, July 30, 2007

Mission Monday: Bears For Hannah!

Thanks for coming! I have a very special mission for you today, if you should choose to accept it.
As I've said before, for the month of July, 50% of the proceeds from ads ands ponsored posts will be used to send teddy bears to Operation Teddy Care, an organization that provides brand new teddy bears and other stuffed animals to other organizations that work with children in crisis. The teddy bears are then handed to children when they are in a time when they could really use something cuddly to hang onto!
Recently, I posted about discovering the blog Life With Hannah And Lily, in which a mother blogged about her beautiful little girls. At the time when I discovered the blog, the entries had taken a startling turn... on a family trip to the beach, 5-year-old Hannah had drowned. Since then, the posts have been filled with stories... some very sad, and some just plain beautiful, about how the family has been coping with Hannah's passing. Story after story shows that this was an amazing little girl who absolutely loved life. She was always noticing things like flowers or animals that nobody else noticed... she loved being out in nature... she loved bright colors and sparkly things... she adored her baby sister... and she was just a very special little kid.
I wanted to do something special to honor Hannah and her family, so this month the teddy bears I send to Operation TeddyCare will be sent in Hannah's honor. And I'd like to invite you all to do the same.
Here's what you need to do... its so simple, really! Go to any store that sells stuffed animals, and buy at least one teddybear or other cuddly stuffed animal. Box it up, and add a note inside the box explaining that you are donating this stuffed animal in honor of Hannah. Mail it to Operation TeddyCare. (See the site for mailing instructions and the appropriate address to use!)
You can even specify, on the box, which type of organization you would like your bear to go to. For instance, police and firefighters are always asking for small teddybears they can keep on hand to give to children at accident, fire or crime scenes; an organization that teaches disabled or disadvantaged children to ride horses is looking for stuffed horse and other farm animals to hand out to kids; teddybears are being handed out to children in military families whose family members are being deployed to dangerous places; and teddybears are handed out to seriously ill children in hospitals.
Once you've mailed out your teddybear, visit Life With Hannah And Lily and leave a comment, letting her family know that a teddybear has been sent in Hannah's honor. Lets see how many teddybears we can send out for Hannah! Whenever a child clings to one of these teddybears, Hannah's love will be with them.
Thanks for participating in Mission Monday!

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rachd said...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this for my Monkey!