Saturday, July 28, 2007

Live From BlogHer!!!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to post this note from BlogHer! So far it is going great! I got a lot of cool stuff and learned some great tips for publicizing this blog!
You may notice that I am posting this at 6:22 in the morning! Anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT usually an early riser... but I am sharing a hotel room with three people I never knew before now, and I couldn't sleep this morning, and without the option of turning on a light and reading until I got tired, I decided to get dressed and come down to the lobby to use the Wifi. Its a nice lobby, indeed! There's music playing, and everything is really swanky. Of course NOW I am getting tired!!!!!!!
Yesterday was a cool day. Guess what! I actually met someone who knew me from this blog! Someone who had never met me before, but looked at my nametag and said, "Oh, yeah, I love your blog!" and then started to tell other people about it! How does that make you feel?
Today is going to be another day full of seminsrs, and then tonight is a cocktail party in the Chicago Children's Museum, followed by Venetian Night! I actually might not sleep in the hotel tonight, because my mom is coming downtown for Venetian Night and said I could catch a ride home with her. (The conference is over after tonight, so all I would be doing is sleeping over and then leaving in the morning on the train!)
Oh yeah, and guess what? I made this video for you all to see! I made it at the video kiosk. It is twenty seconds long. Maybe I'll make another one today!

With love,
from Angel

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