Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's Teddy Bear Picnic Day!

This month, the money we raise through this blog will be used to buy teddybears for Operation Teddy Care. So I thought you might like to know that today is Teddy Bear Picnic Day! Today (or any day this summer for that matter) would be a great day to have a Teddy Bear Picnic with the younger children in your life! You could even let your special child invite a friend or two... and don't forget to tell them to bring their teddybears! You could make it an elaborate party, and look for teddy-themed games and decorations... or you could keep it simple and casual, and just have a picnic at the park, and serve the kids snacks like Teddy Grahams, and peanut butter and honey sandwiches!
Stop at the library and find a book or two about teddybears, and a CD with the song "Teddy Bear's Picnic" on it! (You can listen to my very favorite version, played by Jerry Garcia, here! If you love this version too, look for the CD "Not For Kids Only".

Get your own playlist at snapdrive.net!

If the kids in your life are all a little too old to want to have a Teddybear Picnic (In my mind, nobody is too old, but at a certain age children may start thinking they're just too cool for all that...) or if you don't have any children at all on hand, a slightly more expensive alternative is to go to Build-A-Bear or another bear-stuffing store, and create a new furry friend! Kids will love that, no matter how old they are! You can keep your new bear, give him to a special friend, or donate him to Operation Teddy Care.
I love teddy bears. Even now, I still have a very special teddy bear who has a place of honor on my bed! Teddy bears are a treasured part of childhood. So, this summer, take time to have fun with your little bears!
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Michelle said...

Well, I come by today to say thanks for stopping by my blog last Wednesday for WW.
Then I've been enjoying scrolling around and was particuallary touched by the post about the "girl who caused her own rape" and . . . well, man, it cast a shadow on the teddy bear picnic, I tell you!
I've enjoyed your blog . . and again, Thanks.