Sunday, July 1, 2007

First Day of July!

Wow, we made it through the first month of summer! I am excited to tell you about the organization that will benefit from our blog this month!
Operation Teddycare is an organization that gives teddybears to children in crisis. People like you and me donate brand new, fresh-from-the-store teddybears. Then, Operation Teddycare provides them to helping professionals who work with children, like counselors, medical professionals, and rescue and law enforcement personnel. These people then distribute bears to children impacted by conflicts, war, violence, abuse, neglect, natural disasters, accidents, or life-threatening illness.
Want to know exactly how a teddybear can make a difference in the life of a child? Here are a few stories I found.

"A Motorcycle Officer was issuing a citation to a motorist, when the motorist began to yell and scream at the officer. The officer noticed that the parent's actions were upsetting a small child in the vehicle. As the child began to cry, the officer reached into his saddlebag, removed a small stuffed toy and gave it to the child, telling her, "everything will be okay sweetheart." With that, the child began to smile, and the parent stopped her verbal attack on the officer and suddenly apologized. Not only did this small gesture turn a bad situation into a pleasant one for the officer, but also there is little doubt that both the parent and child went away with a positive feeling about the encounter."

A woman spoke about a bear given to her 16-month-old daughter, who was involved in a car crash where the car was flipped over on its roof... ""A heart-wrenching feeling I have never experienced before seemed to claw at my chest. Then, I saw my daughter being carried to me, and when she held her arms up for me to take her, I noticed the bear she was holding so tightly. A strange calm came over me as I stared at this little treasure. The bears console the children, but they also let parents know that someone has taken the time to comfort and care for their child when they weren't there to do it."

After September 11th, A local teacher named Sue Lucarelli was put in charge of comforting children whose lives had been affected by the disaster. Lucarelli tried comforting the children with arts and crafts, but it was the teddy bears she had in her classroom that proved to be the most calming.

A thoughtful grandmother gave a very nice, cuddly teddy bear to a member of the Childhelp staff, with instructions to pass it on to a child at a Childhelp facility. A six-year-old girl was selected to receive the gift. A staff member, who is male, asked the girl if she would like to have the teddy bear. Her eyes lit up and an excited smile appeared instantly on her little face. Then, as quickly as the excitement materialized, a cloud of fear passed over her face. Her eyes darted anxiously around the room, silently asking, "What do I have to do to get the bear?" Sensing what was on her mind, the staff member told her that if she liked the bear, she could have it. She didn't have to do anything at all, but just take it. Her eyes turned to another Childhelp staff member she had come to trust. Her eyes asked if it was okay to take the bear. The second staff member nodded, smiling approval. The child reached out and took the bear. "Will I ever have to give it back to you?" she asked. "Never," he answered. The little girl hugged her new friend and ran down the hall to show the other children. She explained to them that she'd never have to give the bear back, no matter what. It was hers "just because" it was hers.

This month, the donations from this blog will be used to buy and send as many teddybears possible to Operation Teddycare. Whatever money is leftover will be donated in the form of postage stamps or cash!
But you can help too! There's something so special about buying a teddybear and sending it to Operation Teddycare. You can purchase a teddybear on your own, and send it to Operation Teddycare... Visit their website to find out how!
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