Sunday, July 29, 2007

Final BlogHer Update!

Hi everyone! I am now home from the BlogHer Conference! It is already 3:15 so its pretty late to try to post a regular post, since in the morning I'll be posting a Mission Monday entry anyway! But don't worry, regular posting will be resumed tomorrow!
I had a great time at BlogHer... except for the cocktail parties. I just can't do parties. Too much noise, too many people, etc. For me, a great time is sitting around a backyard fire pit with my best friend and a few others, possibly getting drunk but mostly just talking about nothing.
I really did learn a lot in the seminars though. Picked up a lot of tricks of the trade.
Of course I forgot my camera, so I don't have any pictures to share! Wah!
But I would like to give a shout-out to a few people, if you don't mind!
First of all, my three roommates who were the first people I met at the BlogHer Conference, for obvious reasons: Skye, Carrisa and Grace. It was a little cramped, four people sharing a small, regulation-sized hotel room with not-quite-queen-sized beds... but we made it work!
A lot of people were passing out business cards with the urls of their blogs... something I need to remember to do next year... so I've been able to add a few new, cool blogs to my blogroll! Say hello to Mom2Amara, Parentopia, and Picture This. (There were many more people I met, but these are the ones whose cards I was able to find immediately when I opened my bag!)
I also met an incredible lady named Marlys Marshall Styne. She is a senior citizen who writes two blogs, encouraging seniors to write their memoirs and keep blogs of their own.
And I was lucky enough to meet the writer of one of my favorite blogs, The Karianna Spectrum! It was so cool to actually meet her in person, since I feel like I know her so well because I regularly read about the adventures and misadventures of her and her children, The Cat and Spliggle.
Finally, I need to send out a congratulations to a woman who inspires me each day... Baggage from Baggage And Bug! She was not at the BlogHer Conference... because she was at home, trying to keep up with her five kids (a mixture of adopted children and children in foster care) and simutaneously participating in the Blogathon! Baggage stayed up all night and managed to raise $1149.00 for the Foster-Adoptive Care Coalition! I can't say it enough, Baggage... you amaze me!
Thats it for now! Stay tuned for more regular posts tomorrow!

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Devra said...

Oooh we are "cool!" Wait until I tell my kids! HA!

Thank you for adding us to your blogroll!!!!!!!

Sorry we didn't get more time to visit. Of course this means you must attend Blogher next year so we can do so!