Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Commercial Break: SCORE Learning Centers

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When I was working as an aide in a special education elementary school, there were a lot of children who hated to read... because they had just had so much trouble learning. When a child has trouble learning to read, it can be a downward spiral. The more they feel themselves failing at reading, the more they hate to read, and the less they even want to try!
I myself am someone who absolutely loves to read... so it was often heartbreaking to see these children who couldn't stand to open a book. I felt guilty for being able to enjoy something they would be missing out on, possibly for their whole lives!
Two little boys in our class started working with reading tutors at Score Learning Center. At first they sort of grunted and groaned about the fact that they had to go to "another school" once a week after their regular schoolday. But soon, , they began looking forward to their SCORE days! At SCORE, the learning activities are done by computer, so they feel more like they're playing educational games, rather than buckling down and doing extra school work. Instead of having to struggle along with a group, possibly with a teacher who is growing frustrated because the rest of the class is ready to move on, the kids work at their own individual paces. As a child gets better at a skill, he is given more challenging activities. They are even able to track their own progress and see how much they are learning!
It really does carry over into school.
With the two little boys I knew, just that experience of being set up to succeed helped them more than anything. Their confidence grew, and they were eager to show the classroom teachers how well they were doing in reading! Whatsmore, for these two boys who were considered to be mildly developmentally delayed, the extra stimulation each week seemed to help them improve cognitively in other areas, as well!
I think thats a pretty cool thing for any kid!

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