Friday, July 13, 2007

Commercial Break: Exercise Equipment!

I know that it’s important to exercise… In fact, last year at about this time, I made a goal that I was going to start exercising every day. I even joined the YMCA so I could use their gym facilities, and for a while I got up early every morning and headed over there for a workout!
That didn’t last long.
Why? Because I didn’t really want to drive all the way over to the Y every single day, find a place to park, check in, change in the locker room, lock my stuff up, walk down stairs, hope for a free machine to work out on, etc, etc, etc. It was too much of an ordeal! I just wasn’t motivated enough.
Then, this summer, I made a goal that every morning I would do something pretty simple: I’d walk up to the Community Park, run around the track just once, and walk home. The walk and run would be the perfect workout!
I’ve never actually done it… not even once.
Why? Because who wants to go for a walk or a run outside when its 96 degrees out? I have asthma and that could truly be dangerous for me.
So I think I’ve come up with a solution. What I need is a home gym! Or at least one piece of Exercise Equipment. An elliptical machine would be perfect! I always get up and pace around while I am writing… it helps me think. If I had an elliptical machine, I could just jump on it and do some exercise for a few minutes, at any random moment when I felt like it!
Plus, a home gym is always totally customizable. You can fill it up with your own favorite equipment! In addition to an elliptical machine, I might get a few smaller things, like a wobble board, a medicine ball, or some yoga blocks.
I think I’ve found the perfect solution for my fitness needs!

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