Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Children Forced To Use Cocaine

Recently we heard about the hardships faced by children being raised in meth labs. Then we read about the child who was allegedly given ecstasy, and the two toddlers who were made to smoke marijuana. And now this.
Back in February of this year, workers at a Piggly Wiggly in Cayce, South Carolina, noticed two adults stealing groceries. The thing that made these thieves unique was that they were toting two small children along with the stolen merchandise!
Workers called the police, who found the two thieves... 24-year-old Brandon Suggs, and 30-year-old Ragane Suggs... in their car, still in the parking lot of the Piggly Wiggly.
The police officers knew, as they arrested the Suggs, that they were going to have to take the children, a 5-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl, and find somewhere for them to stay, at least until their parents got out of jail.
But as the officers spoke to the children, they realized that the situation was more complicated than they thought.
The two-year-old girl cried as the officers led her away from her parents. Her big brother pleaded, "Make sure you get her binky, make sure she gets her blanket. She won't sleep without it." It became obvious that the little boy was used to taking care o fhis sister.
The officers spoke more to the little boy. They learned that the Suggs and their children actually lived in their car, which was filled with dirty clothes, old food, and other litter. Police later reflected that the car smelled horrible... so horrible that, when they impounded the car, they had to remove the seat first.
And then they learned the worst thing of all.
The 5-year-old boy told officers that his parents regularly had him and his sister use cocaine. The child described to the distraught officers how the Suggs would cut up drinking straws and make the children use the straws to snort white "medicine." The boy said he didn't like the medicine. It made his nose burn, and it made his sister throw up and sometimes choke.
The children were rushed for a medical examination, which revealed that both children had large amounts of cocaine in their systems.
The children are now being cared for by relatives, and are reportedly doing much better. Authorities say that the Suggs will probably never have the chance to get their children back, because of how severe the charges against them are.
Thank God for that, at least!


Gloria said...

I'm trying my best to refrain judgments as I believe that parents show their love for their child in many different ways, whether it is conventional to us or not. But today as I read this article, I find it despicable that the parents would put their children in this position. I hope that they have a better life with their relatives.

Eric said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog!

As to this situation I have no problem throwing a little judgment at the parents: they are criminals and were criminally negligent as well as criminally abusive of their kids.

That being said it's been my experience that Family Services agencies ALWAYS want to reunite families. These kids will never be entirely rid of their parents (they are not going to jail for very long, I'd imagine).

sad, sad, sad