Friday, July 6, 2007

The Child Who Caused Her Own Rape

Is the kid in this picture dressed so provocatively that, if she got molested, it would be her own fault?
Lets call the little girl "Lauren." Lauren was a 10-year-old British girl. She was walking down the street alone one day, when she was approached by two men: 24-year-old Keith Fenn, and 34-year-old Darren Wright. The men befriended her, and Lauren walked with them to a local park.
There, Fenn raped Lauren. Then, Wright took Lauren to his own home, where he sexually assaulted her.
Apparently little Lauren later told someone about what had happened to her, and the case was taken to court. But the men got little more than a slap on the wrists. After all, according to Judge Julian Hall, Lauren was equally to blame.
Judge Hall pointed out that, although Lauren was only ten years old, she looked older than she was. She regularly wore makeup, and dressed "provacatively", wearing a strappy top, and a frilly bra and a thong under her clothes. Besides, said Judge Hall, Lauren was a foster child, and had been in foster care since she was four. She was obviously "very disturbed," and "very needy." She was "sexually precocious." And she had walked to the park with the two men, of her own free will.
Because Wright and Fenn had been in jail for eight months already, while awaiting their trials, , even the short little sentences they recieved were made shorter. Wright was able to walk away freely, and Fenn will only have to serve a few more months in jail. After that, they will both be free to walk the streets again, and exercise their rights to rape or molest any child who they feel is dressed provacitively.
Disgusting, isn't it? Well, the public sure isn't very happy with this Judge Hall character.
On the same day that he set Lauren's attackers free, Judge Hall saw a case where an 11-year-old girl had been molested by a man who had been babysitting her. The man even admitted that he had molested the child. Instead of giving him jail time, Judge Hall gave him three years of court supervision, and required that he be on the Registered Sex Offenders list for the next five years.
And thats not all... earier this year, a man who had already been convicted once of molesting a 12-year-old, was brought to court for molesting a 6-year-old girl. Apparently that little girl was playing in her yard, when the man approached her and began to molest her. Luckily, the child's mother came outside and caught him in the act! But Judge Hall gave him a mild sentence of court supervision, and ordered him to give the child $250 so her family could buy her a new bike to cheer her up.
Children's charities, and the public as well, are expressing dismay over this judge and his lenient sentences on people who molest children. There is a push for him to be banned from overseeing trials involving pedophiles. Hopefully, something will be done about him!
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Mallory said...

That judge is horribly incompetent and a disgrace to his profession. I was molested as a baby to 4 yr old and it still messes me up to this day. Oh, and I have a damned bike.

Anonymous said...

Actually, despite the moral propaganda (alongside shitty grammar with several spelling and punctuation mistakes), I am on Judge Halls side. Given the circumstances (she went willingly to the park with a THIRTY FOUR year old[for god's fucking sake, what did she think they were going to do!?]and not quite as shockingly a twenty four year old [again, what the hell did she think they were going to do? give her a physics lesson?] and was most likely looking for attention whether it was good or bad)"Lauren"- the little slut (for wearing a thong at age 10 and the frilly bra)- was partially at fault. That was one long fucking sentence wasn't it? Anyways, the point is that she was obviously looking for attention and until one of you christian fools leaves your knees and church to pursue a degree in childrens psychology, I will not be detered from arguing this. And fuck off, I'm fourteen.

I hate u Anonymous said...

Anonymous you are a fucking douche bag! Go to hell and/or get raped which ever comes first. you probably were looking for some 10y.o porn when you came across this site. How's that grammar for you .
I think that it's a long ways from walking with someone to getting raped by them. This judge is a stain on the honorable profession of judgery (made up word) and should be disbarred or what ever they call firing a judge.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous. The girl's walking around in a thong for fuck's sake!

Also, may I point out, if a 10 year old girl has breasts like that, something's not right.

Anonymous said...

the ten year old brought it all herself its her own fault and i dont feel bad at all im glad that she got raped maybe that slut would learn a lesson that bitch fuck
cock sucker

You sound like you need to think a little bit more about this issue said...

I have a younger sister who, although she doesn't wear thongs or frilly bras, still dresses in clothes that are more provocative than any clothes previous generations would have worn. This said, if she was raped I would wish vigilante justice upon whoever did it. I myself sometimes wonder what it would be like, but that's as far as I will ever get.
But then from the supposed "rapist's" point of view I can see how they might misjudge age or willingness in girls that look like that but this should be no excuse. Even with grown women this applies. If the other person says no, that's the end. You can't get in trouble for what you might have done before that point, but when they say no you stop. Just because a girl is a minor doesn't change the meaning of "no".
Some girls feel like they need attention and any attention will do. These girls actively seek out situations that are more than likely bad for them in some way. Yet again, as courteous and mature adults we should stop this sort of behaviour, not condone it, but if you're horny and a girl is offering herself to you, how are you going to react. Personally I'd have a hard time saying no.
With this judge Hall character, I can see where he might have a dilemma, but he has chosen the wrong reasons to give these criminals a second chance. Those of them that sought young girls, are going to keep befriending girls, some won't even say anything. These people don't need to be locked up, but they can't be allowed in any situation where they could make friends with young children.
My theory is; 1, imagine it's your child; 2, imagine it's you; 3, imagine you're the child; 4, Imagine you're the press.

Anonymous said...

You sound like..bla blah blah, when you hear "rape" with reference to a "minor", you should read it as "sexual intercourse". Even when the minor forced the "disgusting criminal" to "rape" her at a gun's point. And that "sexual assault", lol, what's that supposed to mean? Do you guys "sexually assault" your wives? Whoever has written this article hasn't had a clue about the subject. If the judge has made a decision, he has had reasons for it. Damned witch hunters..

Anonymous said...

Dressing sexy or not those men knew it was a wrong thing to do yet they still did it out of their own free will.. she on the other hand, yes did walk with them but did not agree to get raped, i think children are getting slutty-er these days but thats still no reason to be raped. i was raped numerous times in my life and i did not walk with anyone, dress inappropriately or act slutty in any way... these things happen and people who do them should have at least 15 years jail time.. that judge really needs to be raped to actually hand down a true sentence.
you people who say that girl brought it on herself are seriously fucked up.. and need to be kidnaped and raped over and over to get it into your fat heads that rape is not your fault unless you actually say "please rape me!"

Anonymous said...

this is ridiculous! they raped a ten year old-and it's her fault? if a toddler puts their hand on the oven and burns themselves, i suppose we should just leave them on the floor to cry? She's ten! Those men should be in jail for at least 20 years! The legal system is corrupt and sick.

Anonymous said...

Why do you even come to this site if you're going to call each other "douche bags", "bitches" whatever. This site is not for getting your little "I'm naughty, I said 'fuck!'" adrenaline rush. What is a "fucking" fourteen year old doing leaving hate comments on a website she'll probably never visit again? Why is everyone getting so worked up over a story that is most likely not even true? God, get a life.

Anonymous said...

Judge Hall is an authority figure. If the President of the United States does something you don't like then sure you can whine and moan about it, but face it, you can't do ANYTHING about it. Drop it. If you want something to be changed, you can become a judge yourself. Maybe then you'd see something from a different point of view.

Anonymous said...

It seems that in this site the commentators are either someones who have experiences of their own or someones who don´t give a damn. I would point my finger to parents! Who the f... would let his/her daughter dress up like that when they are ten yo. Seriously! Just to make it clear I´m not defending the crimes those two men did, that was a horrible crime but parents look into yourselfs! Did you ware those type of clothes when you were a kid? And dont try to tell me me that the kids today don´t look older than they really are! Would you have your daughter walk into streets dressed up like that? I wouldn´t? my point is there is a reason we are even having this conversation and I´m asking where did she learn to dress up like that and who bougt those clothes? (I´m 100% for the sexy clothing but parents c´mon! For a ten year old!?)
Parents parent your children!

-elemantary school teacher