Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

I am going to be with Melissa, Maggie, Brandon and Abby all day tomorrow, so I am posting my Thursday Thirteen a little early! Here it is!
Obviously, since I'm the keeper of this particular blog, most people can figure out that I care alot about kids. But I thought I'd tell you more about...

Thirteen Things about The Children In My Life!

1. First there's my cousin, Kaylie. She's 5 (her mom is only 9 years older than me)and is going to start kindergarten in the fall, and she LOVES all of the Disney princesses!

2. Kaylie's brother Luke is 3! He loves to climb on everything, and when I call him on the phone he tells me that I'm too big to fit inside the phone!

3. My other little cousin, the son of my uncle who is 7 years older than me, is little Nicholas. He's about a year and a half old. I don't see him very much because he lives in Wisconsin.

4. Brandon, who is 10, is my de facto nephew! He's really my best friend's son but I've helped raise him since he was a year old. He's going to be in FIFTH grade in the fall... Ugh! He's very artistic, and he notices everything! His nickname is Brandon Monkey.

5. Brandon's little sister, Abby, is going to be 4 in July. She looks just like a little cherub, with chubby cheeks and bow lips. She's incredibly smart, too! When she was just a baby, we gave her the nickname "oompa Loompa" because she looked like one, with her red face and blond hair! Her other nickname is Abby Bear.

6. Hayden isn't even born yet, but she's going to be Brandon and Abby's new little sister in a few weeks! We decided her nickname is going to be "Hayden Pufferfish."

7. I am the de facto mama of Melissa, who is 10. She's very tall, is a tomboy, and is one of Brandon's best friends. She loves animals and Pokemon, and is very artistic, just like Brandon! She's very tall, and is going to be way taller than me someday.

8. I am also the defacto mama of Maggie, who is 7. Maggie is cute as a button, and she knows it! People are always giving her things. She likes animals just like her big sister, but she also loves playing with dolls, and getting dressed up.

9. I work as a therapeutic mentor for a 12-year-old boy named "Benny." He has bipolar disorder, Oppositional Defiency Disorder, autism, ADHD, and developmental delays. He's a fun kid, though! We do all sorts of things, like take train rides, go to the park, go to museums, and more. Benny loves seeing church bells ring. He also loves chefs, and printing out pictures on the computer!

10. I have just taken on a new therapeutic mentoring client, a 15-year-old girl named "Stacey." I haven't seen her much, because like most teenagers, she's busy-busy-busy! She loves anime, and is very intelligent.
11. Before I went back to school, I was a 1:1 teacher's aid for a little boy named Joey. I started working with him when he was five, and ended when he was 8. Joey had autism, and was extremely bright... especially at math! He also loved playing video games and computer games. Last time I heard from him, he was starting to design his own computer programs!
12. I guess I don't have thirteen children in my life... so the last two children are... my dog Chopper, who is 13 years old and loves to get belly rubs
13. and my cat Sammy-Joe, a 7-year-old huge Russian Blue who loves to play fetch, bite people, chew on things, and play outside in the back yard.

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