Sunday, June 3, 2007

Happy Black Single Parents Week!

This week is Black Single Parent Week. When I was doing research for this post, though, it was hard for me to find anything at all about black single parents! The only thing I could come across easily was statistics. For instance, did you know that 63% of African American households are run by single parents?
Do you have any preconcieved notions about black single parents? If we go by what the media usually tells us, all black single parents are living below the poverty level, have tons of children, and are negligent parents.
But that's not true! And I can prove it!
The creators of the website Single Black Parents actually created Black Single Parent Week as well. On this site, you can read articles written for, and by, black single parents. There are many personal stories of black single parents who have succeeded in raising upstanding children. For instance, read Deborah Saul's story!
All single parents have a tough job ahead of them, but for black single parents, the road can be even rockier. Maybe if you know a black single parent who is doing a great job, you can take this week to let them know that you appreciate how hard they work!

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La La said...

I am a single black mother and created a blog and a support group in hopes of supporting the single black parents out there. It is a tough job. I am not living below poverty level! My child and I live in decent living conditions, I have a good job and a car to get around in but assistance is still needed in this economy we're living in! It's hard for married people imagine being a solo parent.