Thursday, June 7, 2007

Get To Know Your Blogger!

I've realized that, unlike the usual blog that I write, this is such a topical blog that readers probably end up knowing nothing about me, except for the fact that I care about children's issues! So I've decided to share a few random facts about myself, with this Thursday Thirteen Meme!

Thirteen Things about NICKI

1. By the time I was 7 years old, I had moved 6 times!

2. I love animals so much, I often cry when I see dead animals in the street! And I once buried a dead kitten I passed.

3. I’ve been in college for about 7 years now… I went part time for quite a while, and then decided to go back to school full-time… but things keep going wrong, and so it is taking me FOREVER!

4. I have ADHD so bad my head is spinning!

5. I spent a year in Americorps, mentoring children and working in a learning center for kids with special needs.

6. In the summer I volunteer at Camp To Belong, a camp for children in foster care who are separated from their siblings.

7. My spirit animal is Chipmunk.

8. I have taken a Greyhound trip across the country and back… twice! And I loved it!

9. I once had my foot run over by a jeep, while hitchhiking!

10. I don’t know how to blow a bubblegum bubble.

11. I have spent several years being homeless.

12. I can say the alphabet backwards.

13. I love being in water, but I can’t swim very well!

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