Saturday, June 30, 2007

End Of the Month Report

I'm glad to announce that this month we were able to raise $25.00 in donations for the Children's Defense Fund! That makes a total of nearly $60.00 that has been donated to various organizations by you, the readers of this blog, since the blog's birth in April!
Hopefully in July we will be able do donate even more!
Starting July 11, this blog will qualify for sponsored posts through PayPerPost.
Also, we've just been accepted into Linkshare, a program that matches advertisers with webmasters. I am able to select the advertisers I think will work best in this blog! Any time someone makes a purchase from one of these advertisers, through this blog, a portion of the money will be kicked back to this blog.
So, please welcome our first three Linkshare sponsors! You will be seeing them around this blog a lot, in the future!
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Bob The Builder

We have more sponsors, too, and you can view them all by clicking here.

Thanks for coming by! See you next month!

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