Friday, June 8, 2007

Commercial Break: Hotel Reservations

One of mine and Diana’s favorite things to do with the kids is splurge on a “hotel party”! We book a hotel room for the night, buy a bunch of junk food, and surprise the kids with a night of swimming and playing in the hotel! It’s like a mini-vacation for us! We’re always looking for family-friendly hotels that the kids will enjoy. The Holidome used to be our favorite, but the one near us is getting sort of ghetto… last time we were there it caught on fire, and then shortly after that a little girl nearly drowned in their alarmingly over-crowded pool! Time to find somewhere new! Anyway I’ve been browsing this cool Hotel Reservations site. Its really simple to use. You just enter the city you want to look for a hotel in, and the number of people who are going to be there. You can also specify your search by whether you need a place with a pool, whether you want to be near a certain landmark, etc. (When traveling with children, making sure there is a pool is totally necessary! Nothing worse than showing up with a crew of kids, and finding out there’s no pool!) The site comes up with a whole list of hotels in that area, along with their prices! The best thing is, the site is able to get special prices just for the people who book through them. The hotels with special Internet prices are shown first on the list, and then hotels with regular prices are shown further down. (Hotel Discounts really interest me, because if I can save money on the hotel room, that means we can go more often… or merge our hotel party with another special treat, like a movie or a trip to a theme park!) If you see a hotel listing that interests you, you can click on it to read more about it, see what types of rooms are available, see photos of the hotel, etc… and then, if you like it, all you have to do is enter your credit card information, and bam! Your planning is finished!
If you’re planning a real vacation, somewhere outside of your own hometown, you can also use this site to book your flights and car rentals. You can even search for entire vacation packages, complete with flight, car rental, and hotel… or a combination of any two of those things.
In fact, I think I’ll use this site today to make Hotel Reservations so we can stop for the night on our way to our camping trip in Missouri later this month! J

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