Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Commercial Break: Harry Potter

And now for a sponsor that I am truly proud to have on this blog!
I remember when the Harry Potter books first started coming out. I was already in my early 20’s, and thought to myself, “What a silly fad this is!” After all, I was so beyond all that kid stuff. But then my roommate checked out the first Harry Potter book at the library. She worked as a reading aide at the juvenile detention center, and had started a book club for the adolescents there. The kids had requested Harry Potter, and my roommate wanted to read it ahead of time so she’d be better able to help them with their own reading. My roommate was really impressed with the book. She suggested I read it. At first I scoffed at that idea… but one night I was bored, and had nothing to read, so I picked up the Harry Potter book. And I was hooked! Before I knew it, I had joined my roommate in reading the Harry Potter books as fast as I could get them from the library!
But my roommate and I weren’t the only ones hooked on Harry Potter. The kids at the juvenile detention center, some of whom were in high school but read only at a first grade level, were hooked! All around the world, kids who had previously loathed reading, were picking up Harry Potter and enjoying it. There was magic going on here… and not just the fictional kind!
Why is Harry Potter so popular? I mean, before the Harry Potter craze started, I don’t think the fantasy genre was nearly as popular with kids. There was something special about Harry.
In my opinion, I think what made Harry so popular with the kids was that he was them. In a world where life is often rough for kids, Harry was a boy who had been dealt a pretty nasty hand. He was a foster child, mistreated and misunderstood by his relatives. But he was always tough on the inside, always kind, always a good kid… and then he found out his true identity! And even after Harry found out who he really was, his personality stayed the same. He was still just a little boy, who worried about things and got nervous and sometimes fought with his friends but usually shared everything he had with them. When Harry Potter had adventures and fought evil, he was standing up for every kid who had ever been mistreated or misunderstood, who had ever felt lonely or sad, who had ever been bullied. Harry Potter gave kids something to believe in.
And now the series is coming to an end… after all, Harry has grown up, and so has the generation who grew up alongside him. I’m sure everyone will want to get a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. In fact, you may want to buy two copies… one to read, and one to preserve, in mint condition, as a part of history. And if you buy the book from the site I've linked to, you’ll be a hero to kids too… because one dollar for every book purchased will be split between two children’s charities, Save the Children and the Global Literacy Project.
Keep Harry Potter alive forever! Buy your copy of the final book, today!

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PandasJr said...

I didn't start reading the Harry Potter books until after the first movie. I loved it, and devoured the books, then every time a new one came out, read them all again. I can't wait for next month with the new move AND the new book!! Will is as fanatical as I am, so we will share this together!!