Saturday, June 30, 2007

Commercial Break: Credit Report!

The other day, I blogged about deciding to get a credit card. Well, I had a little trouble actually getting accepted for a credit card, because of my credit history! I'm pretty poor, so there's been a few times in my life when I haven't been able to pay certain bills on time. Also, a few years ago my older brother's girlfriend used my name and social security number to get a phone in her house... and then ran up the bill to $700 and never paid it!
So, with all these skeletons in my closet, I decided it was about time to find out my credit report score. At, when you give their program "Privacy Matters 1-2-3" a free trial run, you also get a free credit report run by the three major credit reporting agencies. The site also gives out a lot of information about what your credit score actually means and how it is calculated, and how you can repair and monitor your credit score.
So, if you're thinking of applying for a credit card or anything else, you might want to go to this site and find out what your credit score is!

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